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Engaged Learning

Welcome to the Engaged Learning Research Guide!

This research guide is designed to highlight major print and online resources in the field of experiential or engaged learning available through the Loyola University Chicago Libraries. It also provides links to important web resources and other information. The tabs at the left of the page, and described below, can help you find resources.

The Databases (Article Search) tab provides access to all the online databases and electronic resources related to engaged learning and scholarship.

The Book Search tab provides access to Pegasus (the online catalog) and WorldCat, as well as e-books.

The Reference Shelf tab contains a variety of electronic encyclopedias and directories related to education and curriculum, including Cabell's Directory of Publishing Opportunities.

The Web Resources tab contains links to various websites for all areas of education.

The Finding Publishing Opportunties tab contains information on finding opportunities for publishing in scholarly journals.

The Need Help tab contains information on how to contact library staff for additional help.


"Students take charge of their own learning and are self-regulated. They define learning goals and problems that are meaningful to them; understand how specific activities relate to those goals; and, using standards of excellence, evaluate how well they have achieved the goals. Successful, engaged learners also have explicit measures and criteria for assessing their work as well as benchmark activities, products, or events for checking their progress toward achieving their goals."

From the North Central Regional Educational Laboratory and excerpted and summarized from Designing Learning and Technology for Educational Reform, by Beau Fly Jones, Gilbert Valdez, Jeri Nowakowski, and Claudette Rasmussen

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