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RefWorks is a tool you can use to collect, manage and organize research papers and documents.  Read annotate, organize, and cite your research as well as collaborate with friends and colleagues by sharing collections. Using tools like "drag and drop" capability, "smart document recognition" and "Save To", upload documents, bibliographic metadata, and capture research from websites into your own personal research database which is saved on the web.  Also use RefWorks to create simple bibliographies and papers formatted with in-text citations or footnotes.

Legacy RefWorks will be deactivated in June 2023. Please migrate your references to the updated RefWorks by June 1, 2023. Instructions for migrating from legacy RefWorks are available here:

Access RefWorks

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Creating a RefWorks Account

RefWorks Tutorials

Complete these RefWorks tutorials to learn the basics.


Overview of RefWorks

RefWorks Features

RefWorks Overview

  • Collect and Import – With RefWorks it is simple and fast, to collect or import materials. Auto completion of reference data and retrieval of full text saves time and ensures accurate citations.
  • Manage Research – RefWorks enables users to organize, read, and annotate everything they collect and import.
  • Share and Collaborate – RefWorks smoothly allows users to share collections and collaborate with others.
  • Write and Cite – RefWorks is accurate, delivering thousands of customizable citation styles to use within authoring tools.
  • Streamlined Workflows – RefWorks makes research management and paper-writing easy with streamlined workflows that increase productivity.  

RefWorks Features:

Information and unique features in New RefWorks:

  • New RefWorks makes it easier to collect and manage your full-text documents.
  • New RefWorks is more compatible with Proquest databases, increasing accuracy and comprehensiveness of records.
  • Unique features in New RefWorks::  
    • auto-completion of references 
    • save pages from the web and from popular research websites
    • automated recognition of uploaded documents
    • share documents with collaborative annotation (ability to highlight and add notes) as well as various levels of sharing (read-only, annotate, modify)
    • built-in document reading, with zoom capability
    • supports PDF and Office files
    • read saved web pages  stripped of ads and navigation
    • Google Docs Add-in for writing and formatting paper
    • The new RefWorks makes it easy to collaborate with others on joint projects.

Learning more about Refworks

Other Options

If Refworks does not  meet your needs, here are other options for research and citation management tools.