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Loyola University Chicago Libraries

Side-Nav Layout

A guide to transitioning and best practices

Switch & Deal

1. Go to your LibGuides dashboard. Click on the guide you want to switch to side-nav. 

2. In the top right corner, click on the image icon. Then choose "Guide Navigation Layout." 

3. In the Guide Navigation Layout Box, choose Side-Nav Layout. Click Save. 

4. Now you're in side-nav! Congrats. Consider where boxes will fit best.
Click "Page" and under REORDER / MOVE, click "Boxes."

5. Start shifting boxes where they make the most sense. Drag and drop boxes to the column you choose. 

Step 6: Do that on every page. Preview often to check the look/feel on the user end. 


TIP: Profile boxes and chat boxes fit very well in the Side-Nav Column.
One con is that in mobile view, users will see the content in that column first.