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Loyola University Chicago Libraries

LGBTQ/Queer Studies

A guide to available resources for projects related to LGBTQ and queer studies.

Welcome to the LGBTQ/Queer Studies Research Guide!

This guide will introduce you to resources that are available to you, if at any point you are not sure where to find information, you can always contact me or use our Ask a Librarian chat.

LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer) Studies is an ever-growing field that found a home at Loyola through the Women's Studies and Gender Studies program. In the last few years, WSGS has added classes in Queer Theory, Masculinity Studies and Transgender Studies, but many courses remain interdisciplinary, looking at LGBTQ issues in the context of psychology, sociology, theology, law, etc. This guide serves as an entry point to resources for research in LGBTQ Studies and the cross-listed disciplines here at Loyola. It also provides information on local LGBTQ resources both on-campus and in Chicago and links to popular LGBTQ organizations and news that we hope will prove helpful for all our LGBTQ students and allies at Loyola.

Online Reference Sources

Reference sources are authoritative sources information designed to provide overviews, definitions, facts, etc. about a subject - you use them to look up information rather than reading them cover to cover. They are an excellent starting point that help researchers learn about their topics before delving into them in more detail. Reference sources include dictionaries, encyclopedias, almanacs, atlases, etc.