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Loyola University Chicago Libraries

THEO 232: New Testament i1

Teresa Calpino

Fall 2021

                            Consult the latest from University Libraries about the reopening of all facilities.

See highlights in Cudahy Library using this self-guided tour, written specifically for returning students
but equally useful for those new to Loyola and University Libraries. Welcome! 

Biblical Commentaries in Ebook Editions

The library collection includes all published ebook editions from these authoritative biblical commentary series.

 Use the catalog's advanced search to identify the series and its ebook volumes using the strategy described in this short tutorial and summarized in the descriptions below.

Biblical Commentaries Elsewhere in Library Collections

Use the library catalog's advanced search to most efficiently find these books, both print and electronic.

  This interactive tutorial explains how to isolate commentary from other books on aspects of biblical studies.

Biblical Studies in Ejournal Articles

Atla Religion Database lists articles published in journals as well as other materials which might include books, book chapters, dissertations, or conference proceedings.

Use the Scripture Citation Index in Atla to search for journal articles (and other materials) on your passage of scripture; note the Scriptures link in the maroon navigation menu at the top of the search screen.

  This quick tutorial will help you get started:
Finding Sources in Atla Religion Database

Biblical Commentaries that Apply a Particular Methodological Approach

Add a keyword to your searches in Atla Religion Database related to the methodology. For example:

  • Add womanist 
    • And, alternatively, also consider trying feminist
  • Add economic
    • And, alternatively, also consider trying poverty
  • Add liberation
    • And, alternatively, also consider trying immigration

Annotated Bibliography Entries in Chicago Style

Research Support