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Library Workshops: Digital Archive Collections: Access Primary Sources Online

A guide to current and past workshops offered by the Loyola Libraries.

Explore Digital Collections

There are several things to consider when selecting a digital collection that will be appropriate for your research. Some things to consider:

Format - Collections can be loosely categorized into three groups. Some collections contain more than one format type.

  • Text collections - monographs, poetry, reference works
  • Periodicals - newspapers and magazines
  • Archival collections - digitized materials from archives, including manuscripts and ephemera
  • Government Documents

Time period - Most collections cover a specific time period. Some collections, such as Eighteenth Century Collections Online, are very much defined by their time period. Generally speaking, there are fewer digital collections for 20th Century materials, with the exception of some newspaper archives. 


Texts Archives (Monographs, Poetry, Reference)

Workshop Instructor

Niamh McGuigan's picture
Niamh McGuigan
Niamh McGuigan
Head of Reference Services
Cudahy Library, 113

Archival Collections

Open Access Digital Collections

Government Documents