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Loyola University Chicago Libraries

Library Workshops: Mozilla Webmaker

A guide to current and past workshops offered by the Loyola Libraries.

What is Webmaker?

Webmaker is an app/website that teaches you how web coding works. There are lessons that teach you different things about building websites. There are also tools you can use to practice with to create your own site. Mozilla, most famous for it's web browser, Firefox, also develops excellent learning tools around digital literacy, user privacy, and increased internet access.

Why should I learn to build a website?

We interact with websites everyday. We use the internet to stay connected to friends, apply for jobs, submit assignments, find our way, research anything, save our memories, and entertain ourselves. Learning how it works is a great way to empower yourself to join a larger conversation about technology, society, and expression of ideas. It's a great skill to have on a resume, and it's among the best ways to share what is important to you.

Let's Get Started

Thimble - An online code editor from Mozilla that renders your code in real time using a split screen.

X-Ray Goggles - A browser extension that will help you see the guts of a webpage. You can also use it to remix pages.

HTML - The markup language that we use to organize webpages.

CSS - Another language we use to format and stylize webpages.

JavaScript - A language we use to make websites interactive.

Codecademy - A modular, free coding program.

Khan Academy - One of the most well known EdTech websites - free modular classes as well.

CoderDojo - Another free coding website option.