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Loyola University Chicago Libraries

LGBTQ/Queer Studies

A guide to available resources for projects related to LGBTQ and queer studies.

Finding Books

The easiest way to search for a book at Loyola is through the Library Catalog (link provided below), where you can search by title, author, subject headings, keywords and more. Our collection spans canonical texts of Queer Theory and classic works of LGBTQ fiction as well as recently published fiction and nonfiction and a large collection of youth materials.

Potentially Harmful Language in Search Terminology and Subject Headings

The databases and catalogs in our library organize their information according to the Library of Congress subject headings. These headings were created over many decades and highlight the unconscious and conscious biases that exist in our society historically and now. These headings are slow to change and can include outdated, inappropriate, or even offensive terminology.

These subject headings are not a reflection of Loyola University Chicago Libraries values and the people who work here. This library strives to be a welcoming and safe space for everyone in our community. 

Many librarians and other information professionals are working hard to change these headings to include more inclusive, anti-racist, and person-first language. For more information about this issue and the work underway, visit the resources below.