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Loyola University Chicago Libraries

UCWR Guide for Faculty

A Note From Your Librarians

This page will give you information on the research instruction sessions facilitated by library instructors to support your UCWR course(s). Each activity is designed to ensure that your students are getting the research support and library orientation they need as they navigate the researched argument assignment and beyond. Please don't hesitate to reach out to your assigned library instructor at any point throughout the semester to discuss the curriculum, timing of the sessions, research support or anything else you might need. 


  • Connect with your library instructor: 
    • Your library instructor will email you at the beginning of the semester
    • Consider scheduling a brief Zoom meeting with your instructor to go over this process and your assignments
  • Review short research instruction sessions and activities (Topic Development and Search Tools):
    • You will cover these activities with the class prior to the librarian visiting for the full session
    • We recommend incorporating both short activities if you have time 
  • Choose appropriate timing for the sessions:
    • Search tools asynchronous content can be used any time
    • Topic development asynchronous content should be used before research proposals are due
    • Strategic searching in-person librarian visit should be scheduled before the annotated bibliography is due
  • Send your library instructor your:
    • First and second choice dates for the strategic searching session 
    • Your preferred format:
      • In person
      • Synchronous online
      • Asynchronous online
  • Add the session to your course schedule!

Student Research Guide

  • Choose a topic
  • Get background information
  • Create a search strategy
  • Find books and e-books
  • Find articles
  • Evaluate your sources
  • Date your sources