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Loyola University Chicago Libraries

UCWR Guide for Faculty

Strategic Searching Session

This activity includes a brief presentation focused on searching strategies and a demonstration of the LUC library catalog. Students are directed to a live Google sheet where they are asked to respond to questions that guide them through the research process including: developing keywords, refining a search, determining relevancy of a source, skimming through a source, discovering an extending idea and articulating any challenges they encountered while searching.

Date and Format of the Library Visit

Choose your format for the full session:

  • In-person
  • Online synchronous
  • Online asynchronous

It is most effective to schedule the in-person session:

  • After students have landed on a topic (or two) to use for their research paper
  • Before the annotated bibliography is due

Tips for Preparing for the In-Person Visit

Here are some things to mention to your Librarian to help prepare them for their visit:

  • How you asked your students to watch the videos (outside of class vs. in class)
  • If the students have chosen topics for their annotated bibliographies
  • What topics your students have been interested in or specific themed requirements for their annotated bibliography
  • What types of resources you are asking them to find for their annotated bibliography (books, peer-reviewed articles, news articles, podcasts, etc.)