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SciFinder Scholar: Database Description and Access Options

SciFinder logoSciFinder Scholar   is the foremost database in the chemical sciences. It provides citation information from over 10,000 currently published journals, and patent information from the major international patent authorities. In addition to journal access, SciFinder Scholar provides extensive substance information for organic and inorganic substances. This information includes experimental and calculated property data, molecular formula, structure diagrams, nucleic acid and protein sequences, and ring analysis data.  Also includes information on 36.5 million single and multi-step reactions, information on regulated chemicals worldwide, and information on 20 million commercially available substances.  The unique sub-structure search module allows you to draw a molecular substructure and search it against the database.  

SciFinder Scholar requires a one-time registration process, during which you'll create your own login name/password. The web version is compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari.  SciFinder Scholar is available for use off-campus, though the registration process must be completed on campus.  SciFinder Mobile allows access through your smart phone. 

SciFinder Scholar Web: Make an Account

SciFinder Scholar Web:  Access to the SciFinder Scholar web interface requires a one-time registration process, during which you will create your own user name/password. The web version is compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari.

SFS Web Registration: Each Loyola user must complete a one-time registration to obtain a login/password to access the SFS web version. Click here to complete and submit the registration form, or use the link in the second box on the column on the left. After submitting the form you will receive an email with a link to use in completing the registration process.  Access is strictly limited to the Loyola community.

SFS: link to web version:  A link to the SciFinder login page is found in the upper box on the left hand column of this guide.  Please use this link if off campus.  If on campus, you may go directly to scifinder.cas.org, or use the link on the left.

If you have any questions regarding the registration process or access to SciFinder Scholar, please contact Stephen Macksey (smackse@luc.edu | office phone 773.508.2644).


SciFinder Scholar Use Agreement

Please remember that use of the Loyola University Chicago's SciFinder Scholar account is offered under the following license agreement.  You will confirm you acceptance of these terms each time you log in to SciFinder Scholar.

License Agreement 

Scifinder® is for Educational use ONLY.

Commercial use of your University account is strictly prohibited.

I agree to the terms below:

1 )  I am a current faculty, staff member, or officially registered student of the University.
2 )  I will use SciFinder ONLY for my own academic research.
3 )  I will not use SciFinder for commercial research or for organizations other than my University.
4 )  I will not share my unique username and password with any other individual.
5 )  I will not use an automated script.
6 )  I may store no more than 5,000 records in electronic form at any one time.

Violations of these terms may result in your University losing SciFinder access.  

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