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Quick Link: SciFinder-n

Quick Link: SciFinder-n Registration

Transitioning from SciFinder to SciFinderⁿ

Transitioning from SciFinder to SciFinderⁿ

If you already have a SciFinder account, you will be able to log in to SciFinderⁿ via the new platform and do not need to set up a new account. If you are new to SciFInder, see the Registration page for instructions on setting up an account. Use the link below to access SciFinderⁿ.

SciFinder-n Key Features

SciFinder-n provides access to a variety of different sources of chemical information. Here are a few of the features you may find helpful:

  • Structure Searching - Draw or upload structures to perform exact, substructure, or similarity searches
  • Substance Searching - Find chemical information by keyword CAS registry numbers, or patent number.
  • Biosequence Searching- New addition!
  • Reaction Searching
  • Reference Search
  • Retrosynthesis Planning
  • Citation Mapping



SciFinder-n Use Agreement

Please remember that use of the Loyola University Chicago's SciFinder-n account is offered under the following license agreement.  You will confirm you acceptance of these terms each time you log in to SciFinder-n.

License Agreement 

Scifinder® is for Educational use ONLY.

Commercial use of your University account is strictly prohibited.

I agree to the terms below:

1 )  I am a current faculty, staff member, or officially registered student of the University.
2 )  I will use SciFinder-n ONLY for my own academic research.
3 )  I will not use SciFinder-n for commercial research or for organizations other than my University.
4 )  I will not share my unique username and password with any other individual.
5 )  I will not use an automated script.
6 )  I may store no more than 5,000 records in electronic form at any one time.

Violations of these terms may result in your University losing SciFinder-n access.