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FNAR 391: Senior Thesis in Art History


This guide will introduce you to library resources and services that will assist you as you start your research for your senior thesis in art history.

Contact me at for research help, book requests, instruction assistance, or library service questions. I'm here to help you succeed in your research, and am happy to meet with you to discuss your work and recommend:

Writing a Senior Thesis

Congratulations! You are approaching the end of your undergraduate experience at Loyola and now are ready to "develop an in-depth, scholarly research paper" and share your research in a senior thesis and thesis presentation. This is exciting but can also be a daunting prospect, especially in the beginning. In addition to the library collections and services covered here, you have an extensive network of support at Loyola, which includes:

  • The Writing Center: schedule an appointment with a trained writing tutor for assistance at every point of your writing process
  • Faculty in the Department of Fine Arts: Loyola faculty are experienced researchers and are happy to talk with you about your thesis project
  • Your Fellow Thesis Writers: Whether or not they are art history majors, your classmates working on thesis projects are going through many of the same research experiences you are - talk with them about your thesis topic (a great way to make sure that you can explain it clearly and concisely!) and support one another by sharing research, writing, and time management tips
  • Your Subject Specialist Librarian: Are you feeling stuck in your research? A librarian can help you with structuring searches, exploring new research tools, and locating a wide variety of research materials

As you are exploring complex research works you will see that they frequently contain acknowledgments---no one completes this type of research alone. Your thesis research will immerse you in the scholarly conversation, and your network at Loyola is here to listen to, advise, and encourage you as you contribute to that conversation.

Library Information and Resources