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Sociology: Simply Analytics/Mapping Chicago Community Areas

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Simply Analytics


Simply Analytics is a geographic mapping resource that allows one to create specialized maps and reports on specific demographic data.  This guide focuses on how to map Chicago Community Areas, specifically Rogers Park and Edgewater.

Getting started and creating an account

Link to Simply Analytics

Start at

Choose Simply Analytics from the A-Z Database list.

Register for your account or sign in as a guest and sign in to SimplyAnalytics.


You’ll be prompted to create a new project. Select Chicago, IL as your location or enter a zip code.  Then click NEXT.



Select the seed variables for your report, click CREATE PROJECT.



Zoom in your area of focus (at level of Census Tracts). Click the blue "i" information button on the left of the screen and then click on the Census Tracts you're interested in focusing on.


You can then run reports on your selected Census Tract(s) by clicking NEW VIEW.


Select the appropriate Census Tract(s) for your report.


Your report will then run.


Is it possible to map an entire Chicago Community Area like Rogers Park or Edgewater? Yes, in order to map neighborhoods you’ll be selecting the CREATE NEW COMBINATION LOCATION feature.



Enter a name for the combined location.


Enter the appropriate Census Tracts and county names to create a combined location.

(e.g. CT010100, Cook County, IL )

The Census Tracts for Rogers Park and Edgewater are listed below

ROGERS PARK= CT010100, CT010201, CT010202, CT010300, CT010400, CT010501, CTO10502, CTO10503, CT010600, CT010701, CT010702, CT830600

EDGEWATER= CT030101, CT030102, CT030103, CT030104, CT030200, CT030300, CT030400, CT030500, CT030601, CT030601, CT030604, CT030701, CT030702, CTO30703, CT030706, CT030800, CT030900

This is what the combination of Census Areas for Rogers Park looks like with population as the variable. Maps can then be adjusted for other variables.



It is then possible to run various reports by clicking on NEW VIEWS.


Here's what part of a quick report looks like.