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Loyola University Chicago Libraries

Theology and Religious Studies

Locate core research resources in theology, religious studies, Biblical studies, and ethics

Judaism-focused Resources

These Judaism-focused resources should be supplemented with those listed in the other sections of this Research Guide in order to thoroughly search for information on a topic.

View the Hebrew scripture alongside its English translation using this online interlinear; interlinear bibles are also available in the library's print collection.

Music and audio recordings are available in the Dartmouth Jewish Sound Archive and the Judaic Sound Archives, both of which seek to preserve the Jewish history and culture through sound.

Local Special Collections

Loyola has a reciprocal borrowing agreement with Saul Silber Memorial Library at Hebrew Theological Seminary that allows students and faculty to use their Loyola ID to check out materials.

The Asher Library in the Spertus Institute welcomes visiting researchers.

Soncino Classics CD-ROM for Study of Jewish Texts

Soncino Classics Collection is a research tool on CD-ROM that will aid your study of primary texts including the Talmud, Midrash, and Zohar.

View this resource's catalog record for its location and call number.

The CD-ROM must be installed each time it is used on a campus computer

  1. Install the blue and white CD (rather than the blue and silver one).
  2. Go to drive E: on the computer you are using.
  3. Double click on Judaica Classics Library.msi near the bottom of the file list.
  4. Go to Start and select Programs.
  5. Select the Judaica Classics Library icon.