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PsycINFO: Getting Started

The following videos illustrate various searches of APA PsycINFO on the EBSCOhost platform.

The first video demonstrates a basic search and how to use the elements of a research question to build a search with the PsycINFO thesaurus. The second video demonstrates more advanced features and search options.

The PsycINFO Thesaurus

The PsycINFO Thesaurus provides the authoritative indexing terms used by the database. Index terms are controlled vocabulary terms used in database records to make searching easier and more successful. By standardizing the words or phrases used to represent concepts, you don't need to try and figure out all the ways different authors could refer to the same concept.

The tutorial below demonstrates how (and why) to use the thesaurus when searching PsycINFO via EBSCOhost.

Finding Peer-Reviewed Empirical Articles in PsycINFO

This tutorial demonstrates how to find peer-reviewed empirical journal articles in PsycINFO. Although the platform is different from the platform we use, EBSCO, the principles are the same and the interface looks very similar.