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Loyola University Chicago Libraries

Human Library: NLW 2023

The Human Library™ is designed to build a positive framework for conversations that can challenge stereotypes and prejudices through dialogue.


Book Title:  Queer

Why are you volunteering: 

The current socio-political climate is constantly threatening and challenging Queer people across the globe. As a Queer/ genderqueer person in the U.S., I am constantly aware of these threats. From everyday discrimination, such as misgendering and heterosexism, to legal discrimination, such as the proposed “Don’t Say Gay Bill” in Florida, I am always on the lookout for the next potential challenge. As a Queer historian, which comes with its own challenges, I am not only aware of past threats but also how Queer people have persevered and won and the community and love we have shaped along the way. Education is the key to stopping potential threats before they begin.

When most people consider disabilities, they often think of the most visible and difficult to ignore. “Invisible” disabilities are more difficult for able-bodied people to comprehend. As a person struggling with several “invisible” disabilities, I struggle with constant pain and more debt because of medical bills and lost income. As a young disabled person, I also understand the difficulties one can face when trying to receive disability benefits or do things as simple as attending class or events.

Questions to ask:

  • Why do you do drag? What is that community like?
  • How do your disabilities affect your Queer identity?
  • Why did you choose to get a degree in history (of all things)?