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Q: Can I download EndNote on my personal laptop?

A: Yes.  Visit the ITS EndNote Support page.  Scroll down to the install instructions for "Non-Standard Loyola Computers / Personal Devices" and choose the appropriate operating system for the download. 

Q: Can I access EndNote using the Loyola VPN?

A: Yes, you can download and access EndNote while accessing your Loyola desktop machine.  To remain connected to the EndNote client on your Loyola desktop machine, you will need to remain connected to the VPN.  You can also sign up for EndNoteWeb using the VPN.  EndNoteWeb can be used remotely and then synced with EndNote when you are able to connect to your campus computer.

Q: Are EndNote and EndNote Web the same thing?

A: They are not, but they do work together.  Citations added to EndNoteWeb can be synced to add to EndNote when you are using your campus computer or remotely connected to your campus computer.

Q: Can I export references from RefWorks to EndNote?

A: Yes. The instructions below outline how to transfer existing references from a RefWorks account, to EndNote.

  • Select all of the items in your RefWorks account that you wish to transfer to EndNote. 
  • Click Share > Export references from the RefWorks toolbar.  
  • Select RIS Format from the radio buttons.
  • Click the blue Export button.
  • Depending on your browser, the next steps will vary. With Firefox, you will choose to open the file. With Chrome, the file will likely go to your Downloads folder or the tray at the bottom of the browser. Either way, you should be presented with an option to choose a program to open the file. If EndNote is not already selected, choose it.
  • If EndNote is not open, you will be asked to choose a library. 
  • The citations will import into EndNote.