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Fine Arts

Fine Arts Sandbox

Searching Loyola's Collection

The Loyola Library catalog includes a variety of resources including books, e-books, articles, and more.

Use your imagination when searching; think of the different ways some subjects are classified (i.e., "Northern Renaissance Painting", "Flemish Painting", and "Netherlandish Painting"), and do some mixing and matching. Try adding or subtracting words. It may be necessary to approach your subject from different angles; the specific thing you're looking for, coupled with other contextual searches that might yield useful and relevant results.

  • For example: Search "Max Ernst", and "Dada", and "Surrealism", etc. to get the broadest possible look at potential resources that might contain information about Max Ernst. When you find a book that looks interesting it can also be useful to dig deeper using the catalog's linked subject headings as avenues to other titles with the same or related subject matter.

Tip: Don't forget to use the bibliographies (found in your text books, the books on reserve for your course, and the articles from journals) to gain easy access to suggestions for additional information about your subject.

Use the "Find Books & E-Books" link below to easily access the catalog and start searching!

Searching Beyond Loyola's Collection

Worldcat, ILL, and other local institutions can also be searched for resources.