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Poster Presentations

This guide will help you develop effective poster presentations.

Poster Sections Based on Original Research

Title - Choose a title that effectively and succinctly communicates the topic and significance of your project. Avoid jargon. 

Collaborators & Institutional Affiliations - Don't forget to include all of the authors of the project. If you've worked with a faculty advisor or other students, make sure to order them appropriately. If you're not sure, check with a faculty supervisor.

Abstract - An abstract is a summary of your research project. If you'd like to learn how to write an effective abstract or need help with the logistics, check with Loyola University Chicago's Writing Center

Research Question(s) - Provide a clear statement about the problem(s) you are trying to solve or issues/experiences you investigated. 

Materials & Methods - This should be a brief description. Use visual aids to display information. What did you do to address your research question(s)?

Results - What were the outcomes of your research? You can express results quantitatively or qualitatively. If your research in progress, report your preliminary results. 

Discussion & Conclusion - What are the broader implications of your research and/or findings? 

Future Directions - Did your research leave unanswered questions that could be explored in the future? 

Acknowledgments - Thank anyone who helped you through this process. This normally includes your faculty mentor. 

Contact Information - Include your contact information so that people can follow up with you!