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Paralegal Studies

This guide will introduce you to legal resources that are available to you. In addition to this guide, it is highly recommended to look at the School of Law Library Paralegal Resource Guide.  If at any point you are not sure where to find specific information, you can always contact me or use our Ask a Librarian chat program.



Provided by the Loyola University Law Library, HEINoline offers access to many U.S. government materials: Congressional documents, treaties, and legislative histories; Executive branch publications; Supreme Court reports, and the U.S. Statues at Law.



  • WEX : A free legal dictionary and encyclopedia from LII.
  • NOLO : A layman's legal encyclopedia.

Legal Forms

Provides over 6,000 free forms from the Matthew Bender collection, with free registration.

WashLaw's Legal Forms
Links to a wide variety of legal forms

Search USA.Gov - Forms
Links directly to federal forms and applications by agency name.

Legal Citation

Medical Encyclopedias & Dictionaries