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RefWorks is a tool you can use to collect, manage and organize research papers and documents.  Read annotate, organize, and cite your research as well as collaborate with friends and colleagues by sharing collections. Using tools like "drag and drop" capability, "smart document recognition" and "Save To", upload documents, bibliographic metadata, and capture research from websites into your own personal research database which is saved on the web.  Also use RefWorks to create simple bibliographies and papers formatted with in-text citations or footnotes.

See the box on the bottom right for moving your citations to the New RefWorks.

RefWorks is Changing!!!

ProQuest is launching a new and improved version of RefWorks that makes it easier than ever to manage and organize your research.


RefWorks Tutorials

Complete these RefWorks tutorials to learn the basics.

Learning more about New Refworks

RefWorks Community Feed

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Should I move to New RefWorks?

Connect to the New Refworks here

Consider moving to New RefWorks if:

  • You are new to RefWorks
  • You are starting a project that will continue into 2018.
  • Your current project will last longer than January 2018.

Imformation and unique features in New RefWorks:

  • Legacy RefWorks will be gone in January 2018.
  • You can continue to use the current version of Write-N-Cite with either the New or Legacy version of RefWorks, except for Apple users.
  • New RefWorks makes it easier to collect and manage your full-text documents.
  • New RefWorks is more compatible with Proquest databases, increasing accuracy and comprehensiveness of records.
  • Unique features in New RefWorks::  
    • auto-completion of references 
    • save pages from the web and from popular research websites
    • automated recognition of uploaded documents
    • share documents with collaborative annotation (ability to highlight and add notes) as well as various levels of sharing (read-only, annotate, modify)
    • built-in document reading, with zoom capability
    • supports PDF and Office files
    • read saved web pages  stripped of ads and navigation
    • Google Docs Add-in for writing and formatting paper

Should I stay with Legacy RefWorks?

Connect to Legacy RefWorks here

Only stay with Legacy RefWorks if:

  • You are currently using the Legacy version and plan to finish your project before January 2018.  Documents created with Write-N-Cite using the legacy version cannot be modified with the New Refworks and vice versa.

Features that are in Legacy RefWorks: (not planned for  New RefWorks): :

  • New RefWorks is still in Beta. That means not all features and functions, such as attaching non-PDF images to citations, have been released.
  • De-duplication by folder and upon import,global editing of citation information, administration customization tools
  •  Integrated RSS Feed Reader
  •  Indexes by author/descriptor/periodical
  • Ability to add z39.50 compliant library catalogs for searching from within an account 
  • Ability to post an Institution-wide Output Style, ability to store multiple file attachments to a single reference
  • Ability to share a folder or database publicly via a unique URL.


Moving your citations

If you are a Legacy RefWorks user moving to the New RefWorks, use the line in the upper left corner of the New RefWorks to create a New Refworks account and transfer your citations:

If you have already created a New RefWorks account, there will be a link in the upper left corner, once you are logged into RefWorks to move your citations or use the method in the video below.