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Celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day

"In 1977 participants at the United Nations International Conference on Discrimination against Indigenous Populations in the Americas proposed that Indigenous Peoples’ Day replace Columbus Day. Indigenous Peoples’ Day recognizes that Native people are the first inhabitants of the Americas, including the lands that later became the United States of America. And it urges Americans to rethink history." (Sourced from Indigenous Peoples’ Day: Rethinking How We Celebrate American History, Dennis W. Zotigh and Renee Gokey, 2019, National Museum of the American Indian.)

Why Do We Celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day? 

Indigenous Peoples Day is a day to acknowledge these hard truths, the broken treaties, and the forced removal of Indigenous people at the hands of the U.S. government and its citizens who stole land that was not theirs to take. It is also vital that we recognize the original stewards of the land we now occupy and where they are now as a result. This is part of a step towards healing and reconciliation with Native communities.

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