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This is a brief description of how to access databases, books, journal articles, and other information on pastoral, theological and religious topics when doing research at Loyola University Chicago.


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This research guide is designed to highlight major online and print research resources which support the Pastoral Studies program at Loyola University Chicago..It also identifies links to important web resources providing a wide array of valuable and freely available information.


Institute of Pastoral Studies
820 North Michigan Avenue,
Lewis Towers 630
Chicago, IL 60611

Additional resources may be found by using the Research Guide for Theology & Religion.

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LIBRARY CATALOG -- Loyola's online library catalog of books and journal titles is searchable by author, title, subject, keyword, and call number. Loyola owns these resources.

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Services for Students Enrolled in Online Classes -- A list of resources available to students taking online classes only.



Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents
  This 70 volume set of reflections and 'ethnological' observations by the Jesuits of what they then called New France (this area and to the north), spans the years 1610 to 1791 and contains some of the earliest systematic observations of Europeans of this area. This material is a great resource for teaching history, religious studies, anthropology, political science, diversity and many other topics. Keyword searchable.  
  The Maurits Sabbe Library at the Catholic University Leuven houses a vast number of historic volumes that once belonged to one of the regional Jesuit houses and centres of education. This collection is momentarily in the process of being catalogued so it can be accessed by researchers and scholars worldwide. Uncatalogued holdings remain accessible in situ. The site hopes to help scholars trace that very volume they've always had an eye on. Come again regularly and witness the collection grow.  
  Jesuits USA - - Society of Jesus Online
  For over 450 years Jesuit priests and brothers have lived an amazing story of serving the Church in new and unexpected ways. They are still men on the move, ready to change place, occupation, method — whatever will advance their mission in the Church. They are expected to do anything or go anywhere to teach Jesus Christ and preach his Good News.

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