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Loyola University Chicago Libraries

The ILL Department's Student Manual: Timecards/Kronos

Accessing Kronos

  • NOTE: Kronos can only be accessed on-campus.
  • Log into Kronos here.

What's Kronos and how do I use it?

Kronos is a software that records your weekly hours.  When you scan your student ID at the beginning and end of your shift, your hours are automatically pulled into Kronos. 

At the end of each two-week pay period, you will need to log into Kronos, verify that your hours are correct, and approve your online time card.  Here's how.

1. Kronos can only be accessed on-campus.  After punching out at end of your last shift of the pay period, grab your paper time card and use one of the library's computers to access Kronos.  If it isn't bookmarked,  the URL is

2. Log into Kronos with your Loyola username and password.

3. Compare your paper time card with the hours you see on the screen.  You may notice that one set of times may be shifted a bit; the clocks don't exactly match.  The most important thing is that Kronos registers the correct length of all your weekly shifts.

4. Make any changes if necessary.  When finished, hit the save button in the upper left-hand corner.  To approve your online time card, click on approvals and hit approve.

5. Log off when finished. 


In the graphic below, the save, approve, and logoff functions are circled in red.

PDF - Timecards & Kronos


On your first day of work, you will be given a two-sided paper timecard.  Because students are paid every two weeks, each side of the card represents a week of work. 

Drop the card in the punch-clock located near the coat rack in Access Services.  Eventually, you will swipe your student ID to register your hours in Kronos, but please continue to use the paper card so we have two records of your weekly hours.