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Loyola University Chicago Libraries

The ILL Department's Student Manual: Scanning


ILL Scanning Procedures-

Table of Contents

• Ricoh - Copier/Scanner

• PowerScan 2000

• BookEye

1. Ricoh – Copier/Scanner  - Items at Lewis Library are scanned on the copier as tiffs and then emailed to the Lib-ILL email account. They are then edited and delivered in ILLiad.

To scan at the copier

Press Scanner

Press Scan Setting

Press Scan Size and select 11x17. Press OK.

If necessary, press Scan Type and select color. Press OK.

Press Send File Type/Name

Select multi-page TIFF

Press File Name and type in ILLiad TN number. Press OK.

Press OK to return to main menu

Select Folder-ILL

Press the green Start button to scan each page

When scan is complete, press Enter

To review and edit the scans

• Libraries with Odyssey:

◦ Go to Lending à“Search Stacks” - “Update Stacks Search Results”

◦ Type in TN or ILL number and hit “search.”

◦Click on “Mark Found, Scan Now.”

◦In the Scanning module, import the scanned file from S:\ILL.  Check the pagination and crop out any black edges.

◦If 2 pages are displayed together for each scan, Rotate pages to the Left or Right because the saved page orientation is portrait.

◦ Deliver

• Libraries without Odyssey (Article Exchange): 

Use the Lending – Odyssey Scanning function to crop and save the file

Go to Lending à Odyssey Scanning

Import the article, check pagination, crop any black edges and rotate if necessary.

Save the file to S:\\ILL\Article Exchange folder, changing the file type from TIFF to PDF.

Go to Lending à “Search Stacks” à “Update Stacks Search Results.”

Click on “Mark Found.”

Return to the ILLiad main menu, and click on the “Awaiting Shipping Label” queue.

Open the request and click on the OCLC AE tab

Upload the appropriate file and click “Drop File”

On the Details tab, click Send E-mail – OCLC Article Exchange.  An e-mail will be generated; URL & Password was automatically copied when the file drop is completed. Paste this info into the email & click Send.

2. PowerScan 2000 – Film & Fiche are scanned & edited on the PowerScan 2000, saved as a multi-page pdf and then emailed to the Lib-ILL email account. They are then reviewed and delivered in ILLiad.

Complete Instructions can be found on the library libguide

3. BookEye Scanner - Items are scanned and edited on the BookEye Scanner. They are then delivered using Odyssey Helper. Screen Shots for the BookEye are below.

Complete Instructions can be found on the library libguide

The sub-pages in this section contain detailed instructions on scanning equipment:

BookEye Scanner

Microfilm / PowerScan 2000