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The ILL Department's Student Manual: Marking Books Shipped

Marking Books Shipped in ILLiad

When another library asks to borrow a book from Loyola, we find it in our stacks and send it off via ILDS bag or US mail.  However, we also must let the borrowing library know that the book is on its way, and we do that by updating its status to "shipped" in ILLiad.  (Simultanously, we let our own library know that we're sending the book outside Loyola by charging it out in ALMA.) 

You can find ILLiad on the computers in the ILL office, as well as on the computer at the back workstation.  ILLiad should already be logged in, but ask if you need assistance pulling it up.

Note: There are two sets of tabs in ILLiad; the one on the very top of the screen is called a ribbon, just like in Microsoft Office 2007.  The lower set basically allow you to see what needs to be done; we'll focus almost entirely on the ribbon tabs.

1. From the ILLiad screen, choose the "Lending" tab from the ribbon on top of the page.

2. Click on the icon that says "Update Stacks Search Results."  You will be taken to a new ribbon tab called "Update Stacks Search."

3. Select a book to update.  On top of the half-sheet paperwork in the book, you will find a 6-digit TN number.  Type or scan this into the "Transaction Number" field in ILLiad and hit enter.

4. The book's details will appear on the bottom half of the screen.  You will need to check for two things:

  • Make sure the OCLC Status is "CONSIDERING."
  • Verify that the information in the "Title" field matches the book you have in your hands.

5. At the top of the page, click on the icon that says "Mark Found."  This will update the status to "shipped" and let the other library know that the book is on its way.

  • Certain libraries must pay us $20 to borrow a book.  If this is true, a "Charge" screen will pop-up after you hit "mark found."  Simply verify that the total is $20 and click on "Charge" in the upper left-hand corner.

6. Repeat steps 3, 4, and 5 for all the books in your pile.

7. When finished, you will need to print out shipping labels for books being sent through the mail.  Here's how:

  • Go to the Lending ribbon tab.
  • Click on "Print Shipping Labels."
  • Labels will print automatically.

8. Set Labels aside

9. Charge all books out in ALMA (See: Charging Books in ALMA)

10. Paper band each book

11. Desentize each book

12. Sort books by delivery method Mail or ILDS

  • Mail Delivery - check list
    • Charge The Book Out in ALMA
    • Paper Band
    • Desentizie
    • Match each shipping label with the item to be mailed
    • Include a return address label
    • Take to the mail room
  • ILDS Delivery - check list
    • Charge The Book Out in ALMA
    • Paper Band
    • Desentizie
    • Place on the appropriate ILDS presort shelf
    • ILDS bags packed - See: Packing ILDS Bags


PDF - Marking Books Shipped in ILLiad