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Loyola University Chicago Libraries

Arrupe College

A Guide to library resources for the Arrupe College of Loyola University Chicago.

Types of Information

Opinion Journalism: Opinion journalism is intended to express a point of view to provoke discussion or persuade the reader one way or another. Often the author will use “I” statements and clearly include their personal view. They can be editorials, letters to the editor and columns in newspapers. 

News Journalism: News journalism is meant to inform rather than persuade the reader. It will have multiple viewpoints (usually not the author’s) and includes fact-based evidence. 

Lateral Reading: Lateral reading is a way to confront bias and misinformation in news. It involves searching for information on the new source in places other than the source’s website as well as reading about a topic from many different resources.  

Newspaper Databases

New York Times

Wall Street Journal

Washington Post